Open banking collaboration

The EU Regulation 2015/2366 On Payment Services in the Internal Market (commonly known as PSD2) requires from the account servicing payment service providers (ASPSPs), such as banks and payment institutions which provide payment services through payment accounts (e.g. WWPi), to enable the access and use of the payment account information by authorised account information service providers (AISP) and to allow the initiation of payment transactions by payment initiation service providers (PISP) - commonly referred to as third party providers (TPPs).

The Regulatory Technical Standard (RTS) will apply from 14.09.2019 and provide for how TPPs should interact with ASPSPs. This is crucial to enabling TPPs to provide their services, which rely on ASPSPs making available certain information regarding a customer’s payment account (with the customer’s consent, of course).

WWPI, as an ASPSP welcomes the authorised TPPs for collaboration based on the applicable regulatory technical standards.

If you are an authorised TPP as well as an entity applied to competent authority for the relevant authorisation, kindly find below summary on such collaboration:

  1. Submit your request to
  2. We will check your authorization, assess the required type of access and provide you, at no charge, with the set of routines, protocols and tools needed by you for allowing your software and application to interoperate with our systems.
  3. When you are ready to test your software and application, we will make a testing facility available to you for connection and functional testing.
  4. You provide your feedback
  5. We consider your comments and fix reported issues if any
  6. We go live in production interface
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Customer Support
Wise Wolves Payment Institution Limited aims to offer to its customers payment services of a highest standards meeting our customers’ needs. We realise that sometimes our services or products might not meet your expectations despite our best intentions. Please consider to contact our Customer Support Team for help or clarifications you may need.
Fee Information
Fee Information Document (applies to accounts of physical persons only) contains fees for the most representative services related to the payment account. Сomplete pre-contractual and contractual information on all the services is provided in other documents. You may contact us for details.